Vicki Richards musical roots are in traditional Indian Raga and Classical European Music. With the infusion of electronic enhancements in the 1970s, she continues to evolve her unique musical contributions in performance and in recordings over the past 3 decades. With belief in and experience of the healing and deep impact of vibrations/music on many levels, her current ensembles and performances have been focused on expressions of joy, healing and energy.Ms Richards was the recipient of grants for Professional Development in India by the American Institute of Indian Studies and the Smithsonian. She has performed in India, Carnegie Hall, and in concert with choreographers, dancers and eclectic ensembles. She began her professional career in an orchestra while simultaneously playing electric avant-garde fusion.Curiosity about improvised music led her to North Indian Classical Musical studies in Banaras. She was a student of Pt Amarnath Mishra and is a disciple of violinist Padmashree N. Rajam and tablist Pandit Sharda Sahai.

Currently Ms Richards and collaborator Jeff Deen are performing at venues from concert stages to ashrams,  temples to support centers. See and hear them on YouTube. Purchase music on CD Baby

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