Vicki Richards


String Players Got Rhythm! video example

Can Vicki play Dun Dun? (I was spotted in an African drum class) “Can string players play with rhythm?” was the real question from a good drummer. I replied, “Yes, of course. It was fun! No one knows that I took Percussion techniques class (timpani, mallets and percussion instruments) at Indiana[…]

Bio Update 2014

Vicki Richards is a musician/violinist, composer and improviser who is classically trained in 2 traditions. Ms Richards appears in a number of publications highlighting her place in history as a musical pioneer, particularly in the fusion of East Meets West. She was one of the first violinists to use both[…]

Indian Music Foundation

Indian Music Foundation is a non profit organization. During the early 1980s  we brought in the musical artists from India, organized concerts, educational forums and housing for participants. We were fortunate to have a great group of volunteers to help us with these unique international events. My alma mater, University[…]