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Cleansing the Chakras

Last week I participated in ” 7 Layers of Cleansing” . Layne Redmond led us through many practices including pranayam, chi kung, yoga, chanting and more. It was rigorous and all was to establish and connect with the chi energy we can manifest or realize in our bodies. Pulling from the ground up.
If it stagnates, we stop moving and then, the cells are not happy campers.
if you ever get the opportunity to take Layne’s workshops…Do it! She’s thorough, has researched & taught for many years, written books, is very knowledgeable, evolving and approachable.
I played Indian Ragas on violin while there was meditation, shiv asana and at various times, sometimes “in concert” with Tibetan Bells. Wonderful people attending this at Kripalu retreat Center in Lenox, MA.
Layne teaches all over the world. You’ll get lots of info and her calendar at She’s on uTube too. Her drumming workshops are also fun and transformative.


  1. VickiRichards - December 21, 2009 11:04 am

    sounds awesome

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