Dating and When Love Comes Knockin’ & Departing

Not going into lengthy details. Post trauma dating and relationships:

Just when you think you’ve assigned recent romantic relationships to the “history” section, a word or thought sneaks in thru the side door. I need a better lock.

I know that I could use the john Kabat Zinn Mindfulness recording for meditation. Learn to let the thoughts come and go…..I used that recording to help during the chemo/cancer/divorce period of my life. Also Sharon Salzberg lectures, Pema Chodron’s writings. Clinging to what was or what might be is useless and yet, so very normal for many of us.

The good fight becomes the dance of acceptance & release. Working on it :)

Be in the Now! And the now changes  Until then,  I’m thinking of Dark chocolate. Now!

As L Redmond says..Stop focusing on that man. Just go play your violin! It is the best medicine.

She’s so focused. What an inspiration.

***My new recording , guided imagery and music During Chemo and after should be shipping to me today! It’ll be up on iTunes shortly. And on my site.

Rehearsal with new musicians yesterday…’s too much fun! Best medicine for me and those listening.

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