Vicki Richards


Parting The Waters

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  • Label: Temple Street Music, Inc
  • Release: 01 Jul, 2004
  • Catalog No: 097371232321

Parting The Waters by Vicki Richards
© Copyright – Vicki Richards / Temple Street Music (097371232321)
Mining an area of sound somewhere between world music and jazz, Richards and her excellent backing band bow, blow and drum their way through tunes that will have you thinking of South America one minute, then Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East.
Genre: New Age: Ethnic Fusion
Release Date: 2004
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  1. Cold Rain (of autumn) [feat. Satoshi Takeishi, Frank Carmelitano, Chernol Matias & Timothy Richards] 4:15
  2. Endless Radiance (Amitabha) [feat. Amitava Chatterjee] 5:44
  3. Logarhythm (feat. Frank Carmelitano, Satoshi Takeishi, Timothy Richards & Amitava Chatterjee) 5:53
  4. Rising Sun (feat. Amitava Chatterjee) 4:32
  5. Parting the Waters (Negril) [feat. Robert Thomas Jr, Timothy Richards & Amitava Chatterjee] 4:45
  6. Monsoon 7:48
  7. Skaters Dream 3:40
  8. Mother Compassion (feat. Timothy Richards) 7:15
  9. Mirage 5:05

Album Notes
” Parting the Waters is worthy of the highest possible recommendation; it is an album that possesses genuine beauty, poignancy and depth of feeling. An authentic example of raga/classical fusion, with so many extraordinary qualities that it achieves a rare universal appeal. Vicki Richards is clearly a leader in the field.”
“One of the best releases in 1991. There are several soothing ensemble pieces, a few abstract duets between violin and tape delay and one dizzying solo partita that sweeps along in a blithe show of technique. Supple searching melodies backed with light percussion and acoustic guitar. Expanding with vocalise, “Mother Compassion” is powerfully orchestrated and develops a Korean Buddhist Chant to Kwan Seum Bosal.
Bradley Smith, Billboard guide to Progressive Music

“Mining an area of sound between world music and jazz, if she were on a major label with a big ad budget, you would already know Vicki Richards’ name because she would be a star.” San Francisco Chronicle

“PTW is totally original, totally captivating, and a startling journey through classical North Indian, Far Eastern and modern melodic styles. This recording is wrapped in mesmerizing layers of rhythm and harmony, raging solos, majestic and delicate.” from The Jazz Times.

Bradley Smith, Billboard Guide to Progressive Music, 1997
“A leader in the field. Worthy of the highest possible recommendation. Genuine beauty, poignancy and depth of feeling…universal appeal.”