Vicki Richards


She Vanishes and Nectar Live

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  • Date: November 21, 2010
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: 7701 SW 76th Ave, Miami, FL 33143
  • Venue: Unitarian Universalist Church

The “She Vanishes” CD Release Concert benefitting the Miami String Project was a wild event! Making this happen long distance was challenging but I was determined to have a special event in Miami, which is where this recording began.

She Vanishes is my 5th Studio Recording and took almost 2 years to complete. I decided to move up to the Berkshires for a couple years just as we were about to begin recording. Jeff and Mitch were integral in getting this off the ground in 2009 at our first recording sessions.

There’s almost nothing I enjoy as much as being in the studio and putting down tracks.

For this concert I had the pleasure of having some teen string players come up with me to play the 3 string parts. I played the lines in the studio by recording multiple tracks in order to provide harmony and movement I had envisioned.

We had a good house (attendance) for this event and I remember stopping to pick up the 2 dozen Indian samosas for the snack table.  Food and music…ya can’t go wrong!

There were some snags with sound amplification (what’s new?) and Mike Blaty, Orlando Sound Engineer, stepped in to help untangle things for us. (Very Grateful!)

It was so good to have many familiar faces, friends, neighbors, and musicians to help us celebrate. One of the surprises is that Sound Engineer Peter Yianilos came to listen.  We had been editing and commenting on mixes long distance for about a year and half, with a couple live sessions here and there.  This was his baby too and I’m so glad he was present for this.

The final CD hadn’t been pressed yet (a snag in printing) so I made a quick run of 2 songs, to sell at the concert as a fundraiser for the MSP.

The cover girl seen on the She Vanishes CD was present.  I made a large-scale photo to present to  Carmen Cecelia Richards. It was on display at the concert. Her fire hooping, which Ken Pomerance photographed so remarkably, had caught my eye early on. It really captured a special moment of gracefulness, strength and fearless femininity. Glad to see Ken.

Jorge Alfano, Jeff and I have been recording for years and it was terrific that we were able to present music from “Mirage”.

It all went too fast, was a happy blur at times, and enjoyed the camaraderie and volunteers who helped so much.  This was what you’d call a “joint venture” because so many people were involved. Many Thanks to Miriam, Diego and the Miami String Project Parents and the Unitarian Church!