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Music, Buy it don't steal it

Sam Rosenthal Although I agree with most of what Michael says — and I’m always telling my fans to BUY MUSIC, rather than STEAL IT — I will disagree by saying there still is money to be earned in the music industry. Legal digital income increases every year for my label; it actually evens out with the loss of money from physical sales. “Staying the same is the new getting ahead” — that’s my slogan.

Mike Blaty replies“LOL… I like your motto Sam and it is too true. It happens that I also agree with the fact that there is still money to be earned in music. It’s just much harder to achieve under the current set of non-rules. Perhaps my point was made too ardently and too pessimistically. I still have hope that the music industry will somehow right itself.

Though I think it’s in our nature to choose the free option rather than the one that costs money when given the choice, I have hope there will be a way to keep artists doing what fires their souls. I speak more from the frustration of my own ignorance as to how it is currently done, than from a blanket rebuke of that which I clearly do not understand.

As a recording engineer, I started about the same time as you, Sam. Some of the most rewarding moments of my life were spent in that chair helping to create music. It’s a calling that defies all efforts of self preservation by denial. Now that I’ve taken jobs in other areas of the industry, I scratch at my missing studio like the phantom itch of a missing limb. I used to glibbly say that even if people didn’t pay me to record, I would do it anyway… but it turns out we all have to make a living sometime. It makes me happy to know that some still cut a path down this overgrown, but worthy trail.”

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  1. VickiRichards - July 25, 2010 11:50 pm

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    Mike B pg 2 Look at the working musicians of today’s world. We used to go listen to bands in local clubs. Now the only ones scraping a living are those who play single or duo to backing tracks. Not because they are greedy for the income, but because no venue owner is willing to pay enough to support a band. It’s generational and very generous (with other people’s art) to say that we should give away our music, but how do we make that recording without the money generated by unit sales or by live performance? Forget about good engineering or production, for most of us in production, that ship sailed a long time ago.
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