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String Players Got Rhythm! video example

Can Vicki play Dun Dun? (I was spotted in an African drum class)

“Can string players play with rhythm?” was the real question from a good drummer.
I replied, “Yes, of course.
It was fun! No one knows that I took
Percussion techniques class (timpani, mallets and percussion instruments) at Indiana University.

Even though we are thought of as melodic players, String players gotta have rhythm- it’s displayed in the bow arm.
It’s just that our rhythm is more of a horizontal motion than vertical.
Same arms, different stick-inner rhythmic sense-same.
Ya ought to have seen me play double cylinder shakers with my band in RI : )
Another thought- watch an orchestra violin or the whole string section. Notice the amazing ability to play rhythmically- all together, in unison and all the rhythmic complexities.

Add in the melodic notes, scalar passage work, arpeggios, dynamics, and phrasing to that precise rhythm =that’s what it takes to be a pro symphony player.

I saw the Cleveland Orchestra last night and the strings didn’t miss any of the 1000s of beats : )”

These 50 string players may remind you of “Drum Lines” or any large precision rhythm ensemble.
At 3:15 and later.

and 7:30 you can really see the precision!

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