Cleansing the Chakras

Last week I participated in ” 7 Layers of Cleansing” . Layne Redmond led us through many practices including pranayam, chi kung, yoga, chanting and more. It was rigorous and all was to establish and connect with the chi energy we can manifest or realize in our bodies. Pulling from the ground up.
If it stagnates, we stop moving and then, the cells are not happy campers.
if you ever get the opportunity to take Layne’s workshops…Do it! She’s thorough, has researched & taught for many years, written books, is very knowledgeable, evolving and approachable.
I played Indian Ragas on violin while there was meditation, shiv asana and at various times, sometimes “in concert” with Tibetan Bells. Wonderful people attending this at Kripalu retreat Center in Lenox, MA.
Layne teaches all over the world. You’ll get lots of info and her calendar at She’s on uTube too. Her drumming workshops are also fun and transformative.

Massage and Lymphedema prevention

Massage is so good for us. Puts me back in my body, eases the ouchy effects of the posture I shouldn’t have done in yoga class yesterday, releases tension, fluids, toxins and makes me feel good. If you’ve had lymph nodes removed, the specialist told me to ask the massage therapists to not do much to that arm. The drainage isn’t there and must be done in a specific way.
If anyone has comments to support that..let me know.

My new CD is out! Guided Imagery and Music during Chemo and after

After about a year in progress the new CD is complete and packaged. The first 10 (now 7) requests for this for a friend or family member in treatment …free.

I just want this to get into the ears to sooth along the jagged trail we  walk during the cancer battle.

This guided visualization focuses on rinsing away unwanted cells. It’s peaceful but directs the mind, focusing on specific areas of the body.  Waterfalls, ambient sounds, and 3 tracks of ambient instrumental music follow. Drawn from my resources as I went  through the process: Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana, Chinese Healing Chi Kung, shiv Asana -yoga. read by Elizabeth Russell.

Should be on iTunes and Amazon and my website soon. Give it to a friend!

Music is Healing, for the Musicians as Well as the Listeners

So many notes in the universe. Each resonates. Have you noticed how, at a loud concert, your bones vibrate? Okay, at a rock concert or if you’re  in front of the percussion section of an orchestra, or listening to your teenager’s garage band rehearse.

As much as those vibrations are detectable, the subtle ones from a quiet recording or nature’s orchestra: the wind, trees, water may have a subconscious effect. For me a walk in the autumn breeze has the effect of energizing as well as calming. You can’t push against the wind as resistance is futile. You can stand sideways and not be blown off course or you can turn and let it guide you forward. You are moving in any event.

In the struggle, acceptance or muddle of whatever trauma or heartbreak you are experiencing at this moment, what would it be like if you “turned sideways”, or let the flow/blow be deflected by merely allowing to be moved in the same direction. Like swimming in a rip current. Use the flow, go a little out of the way, then home.

I started this writing intending to speak as a musician about tones and ended up in nature….not a bad transition…I’m going out for a walk.