Vicki Richards

Music, Buy it don't steal it

Sam Rosenthal Although I agree with most of what Michael says — and I’m always telling my fans to BUY MUSIC, rather than STEAL IT — I will disagree by saying there still is money to be earned in the music industry. Legal digital income increases every year for my[…]

Music industry, history and today

Mike B: Peter is right that there were some fantastic major labels during the album oriented rock and adult contemporary period (ie Geffen, A&M and GRP). Unfortunately those labels were either bought out or crushed by numbers-driven, multinational corporations during the 1980’s. I would still argue that the landscapewas better[…]

Dialogue re music biz

jeff Deen Congrats on starting this dialouge, Vicki. I was speaking with Mike Blaty the other day about it, and I observed that we went from having everything being dictated by the big record companies and radio stations to now, having so much access to music that we cannot filter[…]

How do you buy your music?

I posted this….How do you buy music? Let me know if you are in the 25-35, 35-45, 45-55, 60 + up age group if you don’t mind. Or not….. just how online, iTUnes or CD Baby, Rhapsody, Amazon, other…physical CD, download whole albums, 99cent songs…Thanks much I trade CDs with[…]