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Violinist Injuries #1

Compression Bandaging We all get banged up a bit in life. This photo was from a couple years ago when lymphedema began to become problematic. This shows the multi layered compression bandaging. There’s no mobility when going through treatment. Prevention is what I work on.

These days a compression sleeve on one arm is about the only visible sign that my entire body and life changed beginning 10 years ago. I keep studying, learning and pushing back to improve whatever is possible.  There’s also the acceptance of what cannot be changed.

Another issue from past:   15 years ago I had 2 herniated neck discs and severe pain and thought I’d never play again.  I avoided steel rods and surgery, healed well enough with some residual damage. I had to encourage nerve regrowth in 2 left fingers. I got back 90% that was good enough because of all the kinesthetic muscle memory built up over the decades. I had to retrain my vibrato in one finger.

I studied ergonomic playing, Alexander technique, Indian style horse riding to realign and probably became a better violin teacher with that experience. I had to be sure my students wouldn’t develop physical problems later on due to improper postural alignment over the years.
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