Vicki offers workshops in the following formats:

Lecture/Demonstration of North Indian Classical violin technique and musical theory
North Indian Music has a rich tradition of melodic patterns, scales and rhythm. It’s an aural tradition with 95% improvisation once the rules and nuances of the complex system of Raga (melody) and Tala(rhythm) have been internalized. This tradition is so vastly different from Jazz, to which many people unwittingly equate it due to improvisational aspects. The premise of drone as a background foundation, the absence of harmony, and the melodic and rhythmic intricacies are a lifetime study. The “call and response” sections during a concert are also unique.

This session will provide the basic elements to understand the musical structures at the foundational level. Participation includes playing Raga based notes against drones, which is different from other styles employing a drone. The progression of movements within a Raga will be explained. Rhythmic cycles introduced. Participants will be instructed to play simple melodies and over the Tal or time cycle.

A few years ago during my presentation at ASTA, the participation segment: one group clapped the rhythm, one held the drones and the third, played the melody.

A brief history of how North Indian Classical Music evolved to its current form, discussion of elements and improvisatory style, demonstration of instrumental and “Gayaki” (vocal/gliding) styles are included.

Handouts of transcribed music, listening lists.
Reference to the use of this music as an improvisational style in American and contemporary music is made: Evolution and pairing of East & West, Fusions. Historically the interactions between Western Classical string playing and Indian Music came to the public via Yehudi Menuhin. Via The Beatles, sitar & Indian music by Ravi Shankar was introduced to the western audience. Cross-pollination is not new, just obscure to the untrained ear.
It’s undoubtedly an important style to be able to understand in today’s world.

Technique-oriented workshops which focus on improvisation and the blending of Indian music concepts and techniques with Western music.

Exploration of the deep spiritual sensations created by North Indian music and connecting with the essence of sound in the universe.


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